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BenQ MS535 projector rent will be the right choice for small to medium sized rooms with normal to medium lighting.

The image’s diagonal size is 60 to 762 cm, adjustable by the projector’s screen orientation and the zoom function.

To get 2m wide projected screen size you require at least 4m distance between the projector and screen.

If you can’t position the projector far enough from the screen due to room size or other reasons, you need a short-range projector. 

The projector can easily be connected to any computer or other device with HDMI or VGA connection.

The HDMI cable is included, but if you need a switch to Mini HDMI, USB-C, DisplayPort (macbook) – let us know.

Technical specifications:

Image Resolution: 800 x 600 (svga)

Contrast ratio: 15,000: 1

Brightness (Alm): 3600

Native aspect ratio: 4: 3

Inputs 2xHDMI, USB, 3xVGA

You can show projection on a light wall, but we recommend choosing a screen for better effect.

The price does not include VAT 21%

Discounts are available for each following day.

Delivery in Riga 10-20 EUR




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