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DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter transmit standard DMX512 protocol data (generated by console) by wireless way, which solves lighting control issues of wireless transmitting completely between console and lighting, lighting and lighting and so on, It get rid of connecting cable limited completely. And also can ensure without any time delay when signal data is transmitting, signal data is real time and reliably.
This product adopt 2.4G ISM frequency section (global opening section) without permission limited,

High effective GFSK modulate communication design. 126 frequencies band, FH design, and frequency-hopping synchronization automatically.

Stage lighting、Disco hall、Large literature performance、Gymnasium lighting、Temporary stage performance 、City lighting system 、TV station 、Conference center 、 professional showplace、Topic park 、Bar lighting and so on.

Transmitting/receiving standard DMX512 protocol data of console,and the master-slaver on line signal of the same kind of lighting each other.
Single key to operate,tricolor LED indicator.
The LED indicator bright:No DMX or wireless signal.

Red LED flash:Transmitting.

Green LED flash:Receiving

3. 126 frequencies band, FH design, and frequency-hopping synchronization automatically.

4. 7 groups ID code to set these different wireless nets without any interfere each other in the same place.

Radio parameters communication distance: 600m (open space, different depending on the environment has changed)
Frequency: 2,400 – 2,4835GHz, ISM, 126 RF channels
Modulation: GFSK
Maximum Transmit Power: 23dBm
Receiver Sensitivity: -94dBm
DMX Signal Interface RS485
Environmental Limits Operating temperature: -40°C~85°C
Storage Temperature: -65*C – 150*C
Ambient Relative Humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements Power Input: 9 – 22VDC
Power Consumption: 70mA@12VDC max.


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